How to Pick the Best Floorplan for your Custom Build

It’s time to pick out your floor plan. You can’t walk through your dream home in your mind’s eye until you know where the bathrooms are. Selecting a house plan is a decision point for many of your wishlist items for your custom build. Which ones will make the cut? It’s time to get excited, your home is taking shape!

How to Pick the Best Floorplan for your Custom Build

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How to Pick a Floor Plan

When you build your dream home, you are building a place for your future self and family. Many clients are pleased that they considered their family’s evolving needs and build an extra bedroom or bathroom or opted to finish the basement. Ask yourself, who will live in your home in five years? What might they need that your family doesn’t use today?  

  1. Number of Bedrooms- Do you need a guest room? A future nursery? A floor plan usually lists the number of bedrooms first. 3 Bedroom floor house plans are the most popular, but 4-bedroom floor plans aren’t far behind.
  2. Number of Bathrooms- Half baths can make a world of difference in a busy home. Bathrooms with a shower and no bathtub are sometimes listed as 1.75.
  3. Square Footage- The floor plan’s total living space is the square footage. This is one of the largest factors that influence the cost of your build.

How to Pick a Floor Plan

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Floor Plan

Shape- Some floor plans won’t work with the shape of your lot, and some lots won’t work if you have a specific floor plan in mind. You can’t build a sprawling ranch on a tiny lot, or dig a basement where the water table is high. An L-shape makes sense if you want to preserve your view or a stately old tree.

Stories- Are you interested in accessible ranch living? Does it make sense to add a second story to make the most of your foundation? Would a split level delineate your space well? Could a finished basement best meet your needs?

Layout- Think about how your day flows, and how people move around your home. When do they want privacy? When do they need enough space to gather? This will help you determine the size and location of your main spaces. For example, many families opt for large living rooms or choose to place their owners’ suite and family bedrooms in different areas of the home.


Features to Consider for your Floorplan

Planning for your custom home includes considering the details and features that will make this home truly yours. This is your opportunity to incorporate your wish list. The following common floorplan trends are noted:

  • In-Law Suite- Including an in-law suite with a private kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces introduces a wealth of options for multi-generational living. If the kids come back after college, aging parents need care, or extra income from renting balances the budget, an in-law suite could pay off big.  Basement in-law suites, suites over the garage, or main floor suites are all excellent options.

  • Open Concept- Many clients need a little more information about this. Open concept homes reduce walls and barriers and operate with multi-functional living spaces. The dining room, living room, and kitchen are generally large spaces in open concept homes. Because open-concept homes don’t have as many load-bearing walls, they require extra engineering and quality materials, making them slightly more expensive. 

  • Storage Solutions- Many people wish they had included more storage and bigger closets after living in a custom home for a while. You will probably not have less stuff than you do right now.

  • Extra Garage Space- Build a bigger garage. Put fun stuff in it. Many of Conklin’s favorite floorplans feature a three-car garage.

Features to Consider for your Floorplan - Open ConceptWhat Does a Custom Home Cost in Madison, WI?

We divide our price brackets into three different ranges:

1) Base Home Construction-- $400 thousand Plus

Includes: 1500+ sq ft home with 9’ ceiling, 8’ basement ceilings, laminated floors, stock granite countertops, and stock cabinets. This estimate does not include landscaping or appliances.

2) Average Home Construction-- $490 thousand Plus

Includes: 1800+ sq ft home with 9’ ceilings, living room and master tray ceilings, 9’ basement ceilings, engineered wood floors in common areas, quartz countertops, semi-custom cabinets, stainless steel kitchen appliances, gas fireplace, deck, concrete driveway, and base landscaping.

3) High-End Home Construction-- $675 thousand plus

Includes: 2200+ sq ft home with 10’ ceilings, 9’ basement ceilings, finished in-place hardwood floors in common areas, high-end quartz countertops, custom cabinets, high-end appliances, upgraded landscaping, concrete driveway, screen porch, and accent walls.


What Does a Custom Home Cost in Madison, WI?

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