When's the best time to Build a Custom Home in Madison, Wisconsin?

You’ve thought about almost every aspect of your dream home in detail. You’ve selected the perfect school district, made your list of must-haves, and revised your wish list more than once. We are sometimes surprised that even the most meticulous client has not considered the perfect time to build this home. The season in which construction begins dictates many details of the project, and the ideal time to build your home will depend on your aims.

When's the Best Time to Build a Custom Home in Madison, Wisconsin?

Conklin Construction Co. builds gorgeous custom homes in the suburbs of Madison, Wisconsin such as Cottage Grove, Deforest, Windsor, Waunakee, and Sun Prairie. Our midwest location means we’re no stranger to the rhythm of the seasons. We’ve mastered innovative construction practices to make the most of each one, and we’re pleased to share our resources to help you plan your custom home build in any market.

When is the Best Time of Year to Build a House?


Building a House in the Spring

Pros: Warm weather is on the upswing in the spring. If you time your build to begin in the spring, you benefit from a long period of warmer weather and ideal building conditions, which means you will likely complete your build quicker. The ground softens, and landscaping is easy in the spring if you plan significant projects.

Cons: Many other people also want to build their homes during the spring. Lumber prices traditionally rise during the spring. Muddy and wet, spring can also present challenges for digging and pouring a foundation.


Building a House in the Summer

Pros: Summer weather is ideal for building and a popular choice to begin your construction project. Pleasant weather means more workdays.

Cons: Labor and materials cost the most in the summer months. Wait times for sub-contractors and inspectors are also longer.


Building a House in the Fall

Pros: Get going while the sun shines in the fall and take advantage of the fall in demand for materials and labor to capture an optimal price. Fall is also a great time to build to keep surrounding plants undisturbed. 

Cons: Fall weather can be just as variable as winter. Building in the fall starts your home off in dicey weather on the decline.


Building a House in the Winter

Pros: Beginning construction in the winter is a smart move in a mild climate. Take advantage of national sales forced by the slump from northern climates. If you’re willing to brave the weather, technological advances have mitigated some of the old concerns that lead many builders to avoid working during this time. You don’t have to have a roof up before the snow falls anymore. You also might find better contractor availability in your area during the winter. 

Cons: Cold weather slows construction and harsh weather presents practical challenges, even if we’re well-equipt to meet them. Building a new home is slower going in the winter, no matter what you do and the holiday season often adds to delays.

When's the Best Time to Build a Custom Home in Madison, Wisconsin?

How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

Building a house takes about a year, give or take a few months, depending on the size and features you include. Smaller homes with fewer customizations are faster to build. An experienced builder can give you a more individualized idea about your custom home’s construction timeline. 


Building a House in 2022

Anyone who has had their heart broken by the cut-throat real-estate market knows that buying a home can be exhausting. Home prices and competitive markets are likely to continue in 2022 and beyond. Building a custom home can be a smart move, even with rising costs in materials and labor. Ensure your forever home has everything you desire and avoid buyer's remorse from an impulsive decision in a hot home market.


What Does a Custom Home Cost in Madison, WI?

We understand that conversations about price can be uncomfortable. We’d much rather inform you upfront so we can move on to the dreaming and design. Here is a rough breakdown of our prices so that you know what to expect:

1)Base Home Construction-- $400 thousand Plus

Includes: 1500+ sq ft home with 9’ ceiling, 8’ basement ceilings, laminated floors, stock granite countertops, and stock cabinets. This estimate does not include landscaping or appliances.

2) Average Home Construction-- $490 thousand Plus

Includes: 1800+ sq ft home with 9’ ceilings, living room and master tray ceilings, 9’ basement ceilings, engineered wood floors in common areas, quartz countertops, semi-custom cabinets, stainless steel kitchen appliances, gas fireplace, deck, concrete driveway, and base landscaping.

3) High-End Home Construction-- $675 thousand plus

Includes: 2200+ sq ft home with 10’ ceilings, 9’ basement ceilings, finished in-place hardwood floors in common areas, high-end quartz countertops, custom cabinets, high-end appliances, upgraded landscaping, concrete driveway, screen porch, and accent walls.

Build the Best in Madison, Wisconsin

Conklin Construction Co. has the experience and expertise to build your dream home in Sun Prairie, Deforest, Windsor, Cottage Grove, Waunakee, and greater Dane County, on time and on budget, any time of year. We can’t wait to build something just for you. Reach out today to get started. 


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