How to choose a Custom Home builder in Madison, Wisconsin

You’re interested in new construction, but the shiny new spec homes you’ve seen just aren’t quite right. You're ready to live in a house designed to meet your needs and taste. If you’re interested in living in a home designed for you by you, you’re not alone. Custom-built homes are increasingly popular for a reason. Everyone gets along better when they don’t have to share bathrooms or jockey for shelf space. The bliss of loving every detail in your home can genuinely elevate your daily mood and assist in a smooth and harmonious flow for your everyday life.  

custom home builder Madison, Wi

Let us put our expertise to work and build you something personal! At Conklin Construction Co., we understand that building your own home can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and investment. We would love to use what we’ve learned as neighborhood experts to help you find the perfect place to build your home in Madison, Wisconsin. We’d love to be your neighbors.

Can you design your home and have it built?

There are several different ways you can design a home and have it built. 

Traditionally, homeowners interested in a custom home would commission blueprints from an architect and then hire a contractor to build the home based on a bid process. There are several reasons this is falling out of favor. Not every bid includes the same factors or accuracy. This often leads to unexpected costs and misunderstands. This approach often casts the homeowner as the middleman responsible for translating the vision to the build team. Building a home is stressful enough without feeling responsible for every detail of the build. 

Complete the custom home process under one roof to alleviate this problem. You can do this two ways. Find a design firm that hires builders or a builder that hires designers. Either way, completing your entire design and build in-house allows us to leverage everyone’s expertise to propose realistic solutions and estimates and work under a unified plan. Everyone wins during this streamlined process.

Design/Build firms have skyrocketed in popularity because they solve this problem and deliver better, more economically efficient results. As a design/build firm, we love building new homes from the ground up. This is truly a profession that translates dreams into reality. The gorgeous and completely unique results speak for themselves.

How to choose a Custom Home builder in Madison, Wisconsin

How Do I Choose a Custom Home Builder?

If you’ve just embarked on the search for the perfect builder for your custom home project, do some online research to narrow your choices down to a few top contenders.

  • Check out the online portfolio. Does the aesthetic fit your vision? 
  • View online reviews. Take them with a grain of salt, but pay special attention to repeated trends. 
  • Research the company. How long have they been in the industry? What is their story? Do you feel a connection?

Once you’ve narrowed your list to a few contenders, it’s time to interview your prospective custom home builders. Here are some important factors to consider when interviewing a builder for your custom home:

  • Client feedback- Ask to speak to previous clients. Their perspective from your side of the process will highlight potential strengths and deal-breakers that your builder may not know about.
  • Professionalism- Any company involved in an investment of this magnitude must be seasoned and trustworthy professionals. A reputable builder will treat you with patience, respect, and take the time to make sure you clearly understand the technical parts of the conversation. 
  • Established within the community- A builder with an established track record has made connections with contractors, realtors, city officials, and others in the industry and will use these to benefit your project. Experienced builders have had time to improve their processes and hone their skills.


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What is the process for building a custom home?

Every design/build firm has a slightly different process, but there are often many similarities in the way we go about designing and building custom residential projects. Learning about our process can help you know what to expect as you get ready for your own custom home project, no matter where you live. We go into great detail about our process over here. The steps in our tried-and-true process include:

  1. Phone consultation
  2. In-Home meeting for planning
  3. Design floor plan
  4. Ballpark pricing
  5. Selection of materials
  6. Finalize and sign contract
  7. Help you with financing
  8. Construction begins
  9. Pre-Job walkthrough
  10. Pre-Drywall walkthrough
  11. 21 Day walkthrough
  12. 7 Day walkthrough
  13. 1 Day walkthrough
  14. Move-In
  15. 60 Day punch list
  16. 11 Month follow-up

The Best Custom Homes in Madison, Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a partner to build your dream home in Madison, WI, we’d love to be considered. At Conklin Construction Co, we know our professionalism and craftsmanship will deliver once-in-a-lifetime custom results to delight you for the decades to come.

Contact us today to start the conversation that ends in your beautiful new home.

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