What is Your Kitchen Style?

Welcome to our kitchen style primer! We’ve explored many of the options and elements that make a custom kitchen unique to each homeowner, so you can explore new style options. Find your favorites, expand your vocabulary, and dream with us as we walk through kitchen style options for a custom design.

What Is Your Kitchen Style?

Conklin Construction Company creates custom homes in Waunakee, Sun Prairie, McFarland, Deforest, Cottage Grove, and the Madison suburbs. We are proud to partner with our clients to execute and elevate their design visions to create beautiful homes that offer daily delight. We love the way each home becomes a unique reflection of the individual. Our kitchen design game is the best in Madison, and we’re pleased to use it to help you refine your kitchen style ideas.

Kitchen Style

The most fantastic part about custom kitchen design is that you can draw your inspiration from anywhere you like. Mix and blend your favorite trends and influences for a customized kitchen that sings your style.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Farmhouse style continues to be popular because they are functional and feature clean lines and natural materials. Farmhouse and ranch kitchens of the past were utilitarian spaces built to function and feed the masses. Most farmhouse kitchens feature a classic apron-front farmhouse-style sink.

Farm House Style Kitchen

Spanish Style Kitchen

Warm colors, dark wood, ornate details, and painted tilework appear in classic Spanish-style kitchens. Arches, exposed ceiling beams, carved cabinetry, wrought iron, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes are also common staples in a Spanish style or its close cousin, a Mediterranean-style kitchen.

Craftsman Style Kitchen

Simple, quality woodwork is the focal point of a craftsman kitchen. Cabinets are a kitchen staple, and a craftsman-style kitchen makes them the star. Labor-intensive materials like extensive tile backsplashes and custom millwork are also perfect for craftsman-style kitchens.

Tuscan Style Kitchen

Tuscan style overlaps with Spanish and other Mediterranean styles, which makes sense because it comes from the same region of the world. Tuscan-style kitchens offer ornate woodwork, warm, earthy tones, beautiful tilework, and rustic, nature-inspired style.

Scandinavian Style Kitchen

A kitchen built with Scandinavian sensibilities features clean lines, neutral colors, wood tones, and an occasional pop of whimsy. Famous for minimalism, Scandinavian-style kitchens include ample storage and focus on function. These open kitchens feature a marriage of natural light and artful statement lighting. 

Transitional Kitchen Style

A transitional kitchen is simply a kitchen that blends styles from at least two notable eras. Drawing design inspiration from classic elements and modern trends, every transitional kitchen expresses the old and new through different elements, marrying timeless and trendy styles in novel ways. This is a relatively new term in 2022, but we expect the term transitional kitchen to persist for the foreseeable future.

Conklin-Construction-Co-Kitchen(1) (2)

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Your kitchen cabinets should be a focal point. Choose the right colors, shapes, and finishes, to curate your look.

  • Craftsman Cabinets- Simple lines, generous shapes, and handmade care feature in craftsman cabinets.
  • Shaker Kitchen Cabinets- This classic shape frames a recessed panel. Because it is easy to build, this style has been featured in cabinets for centuries.
  • Glass Kitchen Cabinets- Showcase your style and organization with glass panel kitchen cabinet door accents on a few featured cabinets.
  • Louvered Kitchen Cabinets- Louvered doors are stacked slats installed at an angle, as in mini-blinds.
  • European Cabinet Doors- These are flat panel doors with no hardware or embellishment.
  • Square Panel Kitchen Cabinet- These cabinet doors feature squares and rectangles.
  • Mullions- Cabinets sometimes feature latticework called mullions sometimes seen in older windows.
  • Arched or Cathedral Panel Cabinets- These cabinet panels are embellished with arches and more ornate curves.
  • Slab Kitchen Cabinets- Slab cabinets come in many of the styles discussed above. A slab cabinet door is one piece of wood with no trim or other seam.

Kitchen Cabinet Color 

  • Gray Kitchen Cabinets- Dial up the drama with dark gray or invite a soothing soft vibe with light gray. Gray cabinets can suit just about any style.
  • Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets- Play with color and light by choosing two-toned kitchen cabinets.
  • White Kitchen Cabinets- Clean, classic kitchens need white kitchen cabinets, which look good with every kind of cabinet door.
  • Dark-Colored Kitchen Cabinets- Moody and rich kitchens like luxe craftsman or Tuscan-style kitchens need dark-colored wood cabinets.

Dark-Colored Kitchen Cabinets-

Kitchen Sink Style

  • Farm Style Kitchen Sink- This deep sink usually has one basin and a sleek, exposed front, also called an apron-front sink.
  • Double Sink- Most kitchen sinks feature twin basins for double the utility.
  • Prep Sink- This is typically a single basin, secondary sink.
  • Corner Sink- As the name implies, this sink splits two separate basins across a corner.

Kitchen Sink Styles in Deforest, Wisconsin

Kitchen Countertop Styles

Kitchen countertop edge styles range from completely square to intricately carved. Eased, beveled and bullnose countertop edges round the edge of the countertop at varying angles. The overall style of the kitchen will inform the small details such as the countertop edge you select.

Kitchen Layout

The perfect layout is essential to your dream floor plan. Arranging your kitchen in the perfect formation sets you up for daily culinary success.

  • Galley Kitchen- A galley kitchen is great for a small space or a second kitchen. In this layout, elementary are arranged on two opposite walls with a pass-through between.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen Layout- As it implies, everything important in the kitchen is arranged in a C or U shape.
  • One-Wall Kitchen- This is sometimes called an open-concept kitchen, which is perfect.
  • Kitchen Islands- You can add a kitchen island (or two) to any kitchen layout and supercharge your flow and function.
  • Peninsula- Add extra space by extending your counters and cabinetry into the surrounding space. It makes an excellent space for a layout or informal seating.

Custom Kitchen Layouts in the Madison Suburbs

Wondering what a custom home costs in the Madison suburbs? Of course, that depends on your choices. We break down the cost in our complimentary downloadable pricing guide.

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