9 Reasons to Build Your Next Home in the Madison Suburbs

Don't build your home in an entertainment wasteland. You also need a spacious lot and an easy commute to your next home. These luxuries are in shorter supply in the suburbs each day. Finding the perfect location for your dream home is crucial to making your vision a reality. We strongly encourage you to consider Madison, Wisconsin, and the surrounding suburbs as the ideal spot for the custom home you’ve been imagining and planning.

9 Reasons to Build Your Next Home in the Madison Suburbs

Conklin Construction Co. builds custom homes in the Cottage Grove, Windsor, Waunakee, and Deforest Wisconsin area. We admit that we’re biased about this thriving region; we’ve chosen it as our own home. We love connecting clients with the absolute perfect location to build their dreams. Our custom building know-how and area expertise gives us a lot to say about why you should consider building your custom home in Madison, Wisconsin.

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1. Neat Neighborhoods

We know our way around the neighborhoods in the Madison suburbs because we work in them daily. Some of the best neighborhoods in the Madison suburbs include Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie, Deforest, Windsor, McFarland,  and Waunakee. Every community provides its own culture and charm and living in one still offers fantastic access to every neighborhood nearby. Hike the Yahara River in Deforest or take in the Groundhog Prognostication in Sun Prairie. 

2. Solid Schooling

Public schools in Madison, Wisconsin are world-class. Though Madison also offers some stellar and storied private educational institutions, the vast majority of the residents of the Madison suburbs send their children to the area’s excellent public schools. McFarland, Manoa Grove, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, and Deforest offer rigorous curricular options, awesome extracurriculars, and standout athletic programs.

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3. Collegiate Community

The University of Wisconsin-Madison adds color and variety to the usual offerings of a midsize Midwestern city. Enjoy college sports, theater, speakers, and exhibits that the University provides and attracts. The University of Wisconsin intentionally partners with the community, offering events, music, local learning opportunities, and access to campus amenities and facilities.

4. Calm Commutes

Commute time in most areas of Madison is relatively short when compared to other cities and their surrounding suburbs. The average commute time was 22 minutes in the Madison area, according to data extracted from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 survey by stacker.com. Less than 2 percent of residents commute more than an hour each way to work in the Metro area. Rush hour can be hectic between 3 and 6 pm in Madison, but it is relatively mild compared to many similar-sized cities.

5. Competitive Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Midwest is relatively inexpensive overall, but any metropolis will slightly elevate the price of goods and services. Those living in the Madison area can expect to pay as much as 6 percent more than the national average on their bills.

Competitive Cost of Living in the Madison Suburbs

Wondering more about the cost of building a house in Madison? We happen to be the experts on the subject. Our prices start at a base cost of 400K, whereas high-end custom homes start at $675K.  We’ve broken down the factors influencing pricing for new home construction in the Madison Suburbs here.

6. Delightful Daytrips

Madison is in the middle of the action. Many bigger cities provide incredible opportunities for concerts, sports, dining, shopping, and other big-city offerings. Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Chicago are only a short drive away, so you can be sure to curate your big-city experience and catch every touring act you’d like to see.

7. Sensational Seasons

Madison doesn’t have a monopoly on the four seasons, but it does enjoy the best of them. Enjoy majestic fall, crisp holiday seasons, and sunny lakeside summers, all in your forever home. Did you know that the season during which you build your home affects the process and timeline? Find out more about the best time to build a custom home here.

Sensational Seasons in Deforest, Wisconsin

8. Outdoor Options

Madison’s many inland lakes and rivers offer robust options for hiking, fishing, boating, and any other aquatic recreation you enjoy. Scenic hiking trails offer something special every season. The Madison area supports various farms, making for an impressive and storied farmer’s market experience.

9. Large Lots

Midwest lots are notoriously generous. Lots for sale in the Madison suburbs are often sizable, measured by the fraction of an acreage rather than square feet. The average suburban lot around Madison is around .25 acres, though it doesn’t take long to drive far enough outside the city to find rural lots for sale in much larger amounts. Larger parcels of land are undeveloped, which is fine if you're aiming for acreage.

Large Lots in the Madison Suburbs

Conklin Construction Co Builds The Best in the Business

Conklin Construction Company builds gorgeous custom homes in the suburbs of Madison, Wisconsin. We’re proud to call this area home, and we’re happy to have a hand in creating the dream homes where our neighbors thrive. We'd be pleased to build your Cottage Grove area home and can't wait to meet you.

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